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Abortion clinic in Nelspruit

Our abortion clinic in Nelspruit provides safe and pain-free abortion services at affordable prices, also deliveries of abortion pills in Nelspruit and to all destinations.


Facing an unexpected pregnancy? we’re here to help you.

Free deliveries of safe abortion pills in Nelspruit and to all places

Abortion pills in Nelspruit
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Facing a pregnancy that wasn’t planned and looking for information about abortion clinics in Nelspruit or If you have decided to get abortion services because you want to achieve your goals, This is the safest abortion clinic in Nelspruit you can find for both surgical abortion and abortion pills.

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We offer safe abortion pills in Nelspruit to women who are looking to terminate early pregnancy from 1 week up to 28 weeks at any time. Abortion pills have a very high success rate if you follow the easy and simple instructions we provide to you,

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We are one of the world’s leading pro-choice women's clinics in Nelspruit, providing top-of-the-line safe abortion services, and post-abortion care to help women who are planning to terminate their pregnancy cope better and be able to move on from such a traumatic experience.

Abortion clinic in Nelspruit

If a baby is not in your plans, you may be considering an abortion. Get all the facts before you decide whether an abortion is right for you or not.

Our centers offers consultations and accurate information about all pregnancy options;

Medical And Surgical Abortion In Nelspruit

Medical Abortion

Abortion clinic Nelspruit

Our medical abortion in Nelspruit is when a pregnancy is terminated before it results in the birth of a child. This can be done by using abortion pills. [Abortion pill] is the most popular procedure where we use three different medicines to end a pregnancy: Cytotec (Misoprostol) for termination. Ibuprofen for pain blocks and for cleaning the womb to prevent infections we use Flagyl, Doxycycline, Azithromycin. For more information and advice about our medical abortion services in Nelspruit, you can contact Dr. Faith anytime.

Nelspruit abortion clinic

Surgical abortion is when the pregnancy is removed vaginally using a gentle suction method or simple surgery with instruments.

The procedure for a surgical abortion in Nelspruit can differ depending on your gestation (how many weeks pregnant you are), and so the amount of time you will spend in the clinic will be different too.

We offer surgical abortions up to 23 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy. The type of surgical abortion procedure we offer you in Nelspruit will depend on how many weeks you have been pregnant and your medical history.

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Our abortion clinic in Nelspruit wants to reach abortion pills in Nelspruit at the lowest cost so that it is affordable for every woman. We provide professional, safe and friendly abortion services to women who have decided to terminate their pregnancy. We treat our patients with utmost care and respect; therefore, we are counted among the highly reputed women's safe abortion clinics. We offer same-day appointments Sundays through Saturday and Sundays with an appointment. We also deliver safe abortion pills in Nelspruit and to all destinations in Natal.

Abortion pills Nelspruit

At the abortion Clinic in Nelspruit, we offer safe abortion pills. No prescription is required and we ship worldwide. The abortions pill is the safest method to have an abortion for women both physically and psychologically.


Our team of staff in Nelspruit is dedicated to providing women with safe abortion pills at a lower price and also give discounts to students.

Our Services Includes:

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